How To Get A Replacement Social Security Card?

A social security card is a card which contains your social security number which is of nine digits. It is issued to all U.S citizens, permanent and temporary residents to record and monitor the wages and earnings. It is essential to have a social security number for you to get into employment, get benefits of social security and also to avail government services. It is important to know that it is a key document and hence should be safely stored. There is no need to carry the card around with you, keeping the number handy is enough.

How to replace a lost social security card?
If your card is lost or stolen, it is essential to get it replaced. Many people think it is not necessary to replace the card, but there are chances of identity theft. So the foremost thing to do before even considering replacing your card is to report it to the concerned authorities.
Step 1: To prevent your identity being used to create credit accounts or using your bank accounts place an alert on your credit file. Place a fraud alert call in one of the companies for consumer reporting.
Step 2: After placing a fraud alert, you can get access to a free credit report, review them to see if any charges are made to your account that you have not transacted.
Step 3: Close the accounts that you think has been used or created without your knowledge.
Step 4: Report it to the nearest police station and file an identity theft case.

Replace lost or stolen social security card
You can replace the card up to 10 times in your lifetime and a maximum of thrice in a year. It can be done online or by visiting the nearest local Social security office.
A request can be made online if
1. You are more than 18 years old and have a ‘My Social Security Account.’
2. Do not need a change in your name
3. To get a mailing address
4.Live in a place that shares online data with Social security

If any of the above requirement cannot be fulfilled, then you will have to complete an application form and mail it to the local office of the Social security or hand it over in person. You should attach a government verified ID proof along with the application form. It can be a state ID, driver’s license, or a passport. If you have none of these ID proofs, then any ID which shows your name, DOB, and your photo is required.
Post verification, your new social security card will be mailed to your mailing address in 10 days.

Things to know:
If you are sending the replacement request by mail, you should send the original documents or certified copies of the documents issued by the agencies. Photocopies with or without notary are not accepted. Be rest assured once the new card is processed that the documents will be returned. If you are not a US citizen, show current lawful status.

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