Countingup reaches 1,000 customer milestone in two months with PrePay Solutions

PrePay Solutions (PPS), Europe’s leading prepaid and digital banking services provider, is delighted to share in the success of its customer Countingup, which has reached 1,000 customers just two months after officially launching in April 2018.

Countingup, which is specifically targeted at small businesses, combines accounting and banking services in one convenient current account. Customers receive a UK sort code, account number and Mastercard (provided by PPS), enabling them to begin streamlined business operations immediately.

Further, the Countingup app automatically categorises transactions for users, removing the need for manual accounting, while other benefits include the ability to file tax returns, create an invoice or view profit and loss reports.

PrePay Solutions’ comprehensive banking infrastructure was instrumental in helping Countingup to launch in just twelve weeks. By delivering transaction information from cards provided by PPS, and best-in-class processes for accounting and invoicing through its API network, PPS has continued to support Countingup in delivering a tailored account to 1,000 small businesses.

Ray Brash, CEO, PrePay Solutions, commented: “We’re delighted to have supported Countingup in reaching 1,000 small business customers in just two months. PrePay Solutions prides itself on the great opportunity that our digital banking infrastructure provides to new fintech startups, and we’re particularly pleased when those startups go on to achieve the kinds of results that Countingup has delivered. We look forward to helping Countingup to achieve even bigger and better things, and supporting new fintech startups in the UK and beyond.”