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World’s most dangerous countries to live in!

World’s most dangerous countries to live in!

The dangerous era

The world has come to an extent of using measures and tools to assess the rate of peace levels of the countries that we live in to determine the quality of living and the ranking of which country or state is the most peaceful to live in.

The question of why we have reached to the level of losing our peace will arise in every individual’s mind, it is only oblivious that it does. Increasing terrorism, malic hunger and drought, globalization, pollution, materialism, religious issues etc are few of the reasons for the world’s disturbed peace.

Global peace index

The global peace index(GPI) ranks 163 states of the world which covers almost 99.7% of the world’s population measures the peace of the states using qualitative and quantitative tools that center major criteria such as the degree of safety and security in the society, extent of militarism and amount of international and domestic conflict. The GPI uses specialized tools and experts who assess and review the terms and cross-check every pattern strategically with the states to arrive at the ranks at a scale of 1-5 to evaluate the dangerous countries

The countries 


This country is at a high risk of terrorist attack. The government headquarters and the government hotels that are visited by the tourists are under direct attack. The terrorists use specific techniques that evolve over time including kidnaping and sudden bomb attacks, helicopter firing etc that makes it the most dangerous country to live in. The fact that the government affiliates are under attack is what makes it extremely dangerous.

Democratic republic of Congo

Unexpected drop-in of armed groups that are famous for public killing to show their dominance over the government is the leading reason for it be the most dangerous country to choose to live in. These attacks are done so publicly that the Government is unable to take measures over the majority groups with heavily armed guns and rifles that make them untouchable and terrorizes and makes it hard and dangerous for the people that live there.


Another victim of the terrorism is Mali, The northern parts of Mali is often attacked by the terrorists unexpectedly. These attacks could happen anywhere anytime which makes the subjects of the country the most fearful. The sad fact is that even the foreigners who come to the land as tourists are being kidnapped without discrimination as to the home land people.

Burkina Faso

The terrorists of mali cross the border to reach Burkina faso to continue their attacks with extremely powerful armed guns and perform kidnapping scenarios where they do not discriminate on the tourists either. Their major attacks are highly dangerous as they are on mostly visited hotels and cafe by the tourists to ascertain their dominance over the crowd.


The most unstable, volatile and dangerous country where deaths are increasing at a shocking rate everyday. The large parts of the country such as Damascus and the suburbs are directly under the attack of the outrageous military forces that are not under the control of the Government. Their weaponry include small tanks, aircrafts, small arms and artilleries. The rate of attack that takes place in the country is increasing at a peak percentage that supposes a threat to living in the country. The seriousness of the country’s danger is portrayed by the Government itself because it has no longer any control over the large parts of the country such as north, south and west, Only the small eastern parts are under protection in syria.

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