For the fifth consecutive year, Global Banking & Finance Review has awarded Arab African International Bank as “The Best Investment Bank Egypt 2017” in recognition for its efforts to provide clients with comprehensive investment solutions.

“With a net profit of EGP 4.7 Billion, Arab African International Bank (AAIB) continues to lead the way in investment banking. AAIB continues to expand its presence in the region, providing integrated financial and investment services through its financial group. Bank’s continued dedication to client satisfaction and creating new investment opportunities along with their extensive growth strategy is what made it stand out this year,” said Wanda Rich, Editor, Global Banking & Finance Review. “It’s a pleasure to present Arab African International Bank with this award and we look forward to seeing more industry leading solutions from them in the years to come.”ARAB AFRICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK NAMED BEST INVESTMENT BANK - EGYPT 2017 IN THE ANNUAL GLOBAL BANKING & FINANCE AWARDS

The awards honour companies that stand out in particular areas of expertise in the banking and finance industry. Arab African International Bank was selected as the best investment bank because of the its outstanding achievements in investment banking and by scoring well in the following categories:

  • Strong financial performance
  • Local expertise and strong regional presence to support international investments into the region
  • Integrated investment group offering clients comprehensive financial solutions
  • Dedication and commitment towards improvement of quality, risk management and sustainable financing.
  • Extensive branch network and product innovation
  • Continued investment in technology
  • Strong commitment to the socio-economic development in Egypt

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About Arab African International Bank

Established in 1964 with solid shareholders, strong dollar-based equity, AAIB is Egypt’s only private-sector bank with a full-fledged presence in the Gulf Region. Enacting its vision to become a leading financial group extending its services to the entire region, AAIB established five subsidiaries; Arab African Investment Holding (AAIH), Arab African Investment Management (AAIM), Arab African International Securities (AAIS), Arab African International Mortgage Finance (AAIMF) and Arab African International Leasing (AAIL). The establishment of which transformed AAIB from a Bank to a full-fledged Financial Group. For more Information, please visit