World’s safest countries to live in

Peace on earth

Peace on earth is seemingly diminishing over the years. The global institute of economics and peace has released its global peace index report for the year 2018 and it does not look good. The report specifies that world peace has decreased by 0.27% comparatively from last year. It went on to add that, world peace is not doing so well for the past few decades which we obviously know. By the 20’s we know that peace is disturbed, the news and events around us often leave us jaw dropping but in a bad way. As the technology has been developing and taking a new form of existence among us, the crime rate has unpredictable increased in the last few decades.

Safe and secure

Terrorism, brutal murders, corrupt governments take a toll on the world peace pushing most of the countries out of the safe zone.

The safest places to live on earth is seemingly decreasing as we know it. The global peace index has stated few countries in the safe zone which we thought you might wanna know. Be it, you area vivid traveller or willing to start a fresh life with your loved ones, knowing the safest countries on earth to live in is a good start.

Let us look at the safest places to live in this world,


It isn’t a country or a state, it is an island which is beautiful in all the senses and ranked safer than last year by the GPI. The amazing nature that glistens the tourists is absolutely a blessing for all of us. Put this wonderful land also known as emerald isle in your travel list as it’s also one of the most safest places on the earth. The high political stability and enhanced governance of the island has led to a peaceful atmosphere that is thoroughly enjoyed by the citizens.


This highly populated country is one of the best safest places to live in the world. The technological development has panned out quite well for the country as they keep moving forward in the global ranks of business and gotten a better rank with the GPI this year. It a win-win for Japan. The financial stability of the country is untouchable as the people keep creating and innovating. Their safety and security provided by their Government has been one of the main reasons for lower number of homicides and less access to weaponry.


Canada as we know it is the friendliest countries of all time. In Fact they have been sarcastically budges about being too friendly and apologetic among other countries. This information lets us know that it is also the safest place to live in. Toronto is considered to be the friendliest states of the country. Be sure to visit the most safest states of the world.


Denmark is supposed to be the happiest country in the world. It has gained its name over the years by performing really well with low crime rates and lesser number of homicides and terrorism in the Global peace index which also makes it the safest country to live in. The main reason for this country to be called the happiest is because they have a stable and upholding government providing their citizens with high quality education and healthcare.

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