Topdanmark A/S transforms digitisation of IT processes with Nexthink

Denmark’s second largest insurance company now has deep insight into the end-user experience, proactively resolving issues before they occur

 Nexthink, a leader in digital employee experience management software for enterprises, today announced that Topdanmark A/S, a leading Danish insurer, selected Nexthink to increase the visibility of its IT environment.

Nexthink helps Topdanmark A/S improve incident reduction and resolution while optimising service delivery and cost savings. Using Nexthink, the organisation’s IT team now has a real-time picture of its applications and services, greatly improving the quality of services provided to the organisation’s 2,450 employees.

As a leading insurance business, Topdanmark A/S has a significant technology footprint consisting of over 3,700 devices. Prior to Nexthink, the organisation’s IT team used a homegrown script-based solution to monitor device performance, which led to time-consuming and labor-intensive investigations, as well as occasional crashes.

Søren Wagner, IT Architect, Topdanmark A/S, commented: “Our main goal at Topdanmark A/S is to help our customers take care of their insurance and pensions. To make this a reality, the IT organisation’s primary concern is ensuring employees have a top-notch digital experience. Prior to adopting Nexthink, a browser crash forced us to rethink our digital experience strategy. We realised that we should focus on monitoring the end-user experience for improved outcomes.”

Thanks to Nexthink, Topdanmark A/S now has data from every device such as desktops, laptops and virtual devices readily available. This means the team can now analyse, visualize and act in real-time across all end-user computing data, proactively detecting and correcting issues at their source.

An important goal for Topdanmark A/S was to reduce downtime for the organisation’s employees. Due to the improved visibility of its IT real estate, the business’ IT team can now discover critical device and user information instantly, verifying that critical systems are running. This helps deliver faster IT incident resolution, ultimately driving better employee experience.

Wagner added: “Nexthink has changed the way we work as we are now able to leverage real-time data from its comprehensive dashboards early on in our conversations with the business. This has resulted in better service provisioning, as well as improved decision-making which is now based on facts instead of subjective input.”

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