Signum Capital backs real estate Blockchain platform, Konkrete

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Signum Capital, a Singapore-based blockchain firm, has backed Australian real estate blockchain platform Konkrete as part of its initial wholesale raise. Their support for Konkrete signals a trend in blockchain investing where security tokens and the tokenisation of assets will become a growing focus for firms going forward.

“We are very excited to have the support of Signum Capital for our tokenisation platform focused on the real estate sector” says Sean Qian, Co-Founder of Konkrete. “We believe that with their support, Konkrete can be a global destination for both issuers and investors in real estate assets.”

Konkrete is a platform tokenising the real estate industry and its assets in a compliant manner.

This means fundraisers, such as unlisted funds, property developers, or even homebuyers and owners, will be able to access investors from all over the world, whilst leveraging the efficiencies of blockchain infrastructure – such as liquidity for investors and lower transaction fees.

“We had the pleasure of working with Sean and Moresh this year as part of the Charter Hall proptech accelerator program. We’re keen to explore the further development of Konkrete and excited to see how we may utilise the platform to the benefit of our clients going forward” says Aidan Coleman, CTO of Charter Hall.

Signum Capital has historically supported a number of high-profile blockchain companies, including Oasis Labs, Zilliqa, Kyber Network, Aelf and MultiVac. They assist their companies in areas they need the most, be it in community engagement for their main initial coin offering (ICO) sale, pairing with institutional buyers and advisors, or making strategic partnerships and M&A post-ICO. Konkrete is Signum Capital’s first investment in an securities.

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“The team behind Konkrete are the kind of founders we like to work with. Both Sean and Moresh have built successful businesses in the market and have a customer first approach. This is our first investment in an Australian company and we’re excited to help them to build the future of securities tokenisation for the real estate sector,” said John Ng, Partner at Signum Capital.

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