Moldova-Agroindbank SA. is the main institution for the financing and banking systems of Moldova, having a prominent role in accelerating and supporting economic processes, implementing social programs of national importance and developing banking services.

Due to constant change and continuous qualitative improvement, the Bank retains over 21 years the undisputed leadership on the banking market. The Bank dominates the tops of the banks efficiency in Moldova and holds the highest position on the main segments of activity (assets – 19.2%, loans -20.6%, deposits – 19.2%  as of 30 June 2013).  The Bank has the largest network of branches, agencies, ATMs, POS-terminals, offering the advantage of proximity, convenience and permanent access to bank services.

The results recorded by Moldova-Agroindbank during its activity confirm that the Bank promotes an intelligent business of high performance, that consists in excellent team work and high level of social responsibility, showing stability, strength, flexibility, responsibility and professionalism.

Moldova-Agroindbank has contributed significantly to the development and improvement of relationships with foreign financial partners, to the international promotion of the country’s image.

Bank performances were recognized by specialized international institutions and publications, which, during the years, have nominated Moldova-Agroindbank as “The Best Bank in Moldova”.

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