SEAT’s EASY Move simplifies buyer journey for fleets of the future

  • EASY process designed with just three steps to choose vehicles helps save time and will simplify WLTP calculations
  • Success of streamlined customer journey first launched with Arona has led to its expansion  
  • Fleet managers and decision makers can save time while ensuring they get exactly the right vehicles for their business 
  • Fixed trims fit fleet needs, with important options included as standard and free metallic paint with every car
  • SEAT UK’s approach has contributed to half year True Fleet sales growth of 45%

SEAT’s simplified customer journey is saving businesses time by streamlining the buying process with its all-new EASY Move process.

EASY Move was recently rolled out to the rest of the SEAT range following its success in launching with the all-new Arona compact SUV.

With WLTP applying to all new car registrations as of September 2018, SEAT’s expanded and simplified new buying process is helping fleet managers adjust to the new rules.

Rather than presenting endless choices on spec and extras, which will soon impact the CO² value of a vehicle under WLTP testing, businesses can cut through the hassle by simply picking an engine, trim level and colour on their SEAT vehicles.

With each trim level featuring an intelligently designed spec and equipment, SEAT’s EASY Move range instead presents pre-defined and transparent WLTP ratings.

In an era of needless choice overload, the EASY range has been designed to match particular fleet needs, such as advanced technology, greater luxury or sportier performance, and offers metallic paint free with every car.

In simplifying the process while adding intelligently designed packages, the new EASY process is helping both small and large businesses to purchase the perfect fleet without the rigmarole of traditional buying.

Peter McDonald, Head of Fleet and Business Sales at SEAT UK, commented: “In an age where choice is everywhere, it’s easy for even the most experienced fleet managers to get fatigued let alone smaller business decision-makers.

“Particularly with the new WLTP rules, where individual options can impact a car’s emissions rating and waste time, offering simple, tailored packages with transparent WLTP ratings proved a real success with the Arona, and we’re excited to expand this across the entire SEAT range.”

SEAT’s new approach has already begun to make a positive impact, after the Barcelona-based brand recently announced True Fleet sales growth of 45% in the first half of 2018.

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