#MetaHash Partners with Ian Balina and 100X Advisors

Leading Crypto Influencer, Ian Balina, and 100X Advisors Have Officially Signed Strategic Partnership with #MetaHash that Includes Advisory and Coins Acquisition

#MetaHash, a MultiPoS consensus blockchain and decentralised real-time application platform, is happy to announce the signing of a strategic partnership with Ian Balina– one of the most influential blockchain and cryptocurrency investors and a prominent advisor and evangelist – and 100X Advisors, a full-service blockchain advisory firm.

Ian Balina and the 100X Advisors team will support #MetaHash in furthering its growth and development, as well as expansion around the globe in key markets of the Americas, Europe and Asia. The strategic partnership includes the acquisition of #MetaHashCoins (#MHC) by Ian Balina and 100X Advisors from the Round A allocation.

“Almost every day, new projects are emerging in the blockchain industry, but as everyone knows – all that glitters is not gold. So when choosing partners, thorough and careful consideration is key,” said Ian Balina, general partner of 100X Advisors. “The technologies developed by #MetaHash are impressive. They already have a MainNet launched and are ready to deploy decentralised applications (dApps) and initial coin offerings (ICOs) on their platform. We are excited to partner with #MetaHash and help take it to the moon and beyond!”

Ian Balina is a well-known crypto leader and a regular crypto spokesperson for The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNBC, Huffington Post, The Street, Inc. and Entrepreneur Magazine for his work in analytics, cryptocurrencies and business activity.

“Throughout the years, Ian has commercialised and supported many groundbreaking digital services and e-businesses across the globe. Moreover, he is an acclaimed innovator and a highly-experienced crypto economist,” said Anton Agranovsky, co-founder of #MetaHash. “We believe blockchain technology has transformative capabilities and application benefits across multiple industry sectors and we are already witnessing how blockchain can change the way people engage, consume and spend.”

With the opening of its MainNet on June 29, 2018, #MetaHash started distributing #MHC prior to its upcoming start of forging initiatives. In comparison to mining, forging does not require hardware with lots of computational power like Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) or video cards. The protection of the network consensus arrives from the value of the network native coins, which can be easily utilised to rent any common web-server; even a home PC with good internet connection can be used.

Owners of #MHC will become the first nodes contributing into the network’s growth and enjoying the full advantages of the early forging, scheduled for the third quarter of 2018.

To view the whitepaper and get more information including crowdsale terms, please visit metahash.org. You can also check the company’s Medium blogFacebook pageand Telegram chat.