Marketplace® Launches Amazon Alexa Skill ‘Make Me Smart from Marketplace™’

New skill for Alexa helps make users smart on the economy, pop culture, tech and current events with exclusive on-demand voice content

LOS ANGELES-Today, Marketplace launched its first Amazon Alexa skill, Make Me Smart from Marketplace,™ to deliver unique, on-demand voice content exclusively for Alexa users with new content every weekday.

With an Amazon Echo nearby, once the skill is enabled, listeners can ask “Alexa, make me smart!” to hear Marketplace’s Make Me Smart podcast hosts Kai Ryssdal and Molly Wood explain what you need to know about the economy, pop culture, tech and current events – from inflation rates, to how 5G works, why we have a 40-hour work week, and even what happened to the $1,000 bill.

“Thirty years’ expertise and sophistication in the audio industry has positioned Marketplace to deliver cross platform content on innovative platforms, that reaches new audiences outside of our 14.8 million loyal public radio fans,” said Marketplace’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, Deborah Clark. “The launch of this skill is a testament to how Marketplace has evolved from a suite of public radio broadcast shows to a multiplatform enterprise, focused on using our unique voice and storytelling approach to raise the economic intelligence of the country.”

Listeners can also submit specific questions to Kai and Molly by saying, “Alexa, tell Make Me Smart I have an idea,” or by saying “I have an idea” while using the skill. Marketplace will review submissions for the chance to be included in daily content.

“We wanted to take advantage of the unique benefits of this platform rather than simply repurpose content we’re already airing elsewhere,” said Sitara Nieves, executive director of on demand at Marketplace. “The skill features smart, timely information and explains why it matters for every member of our economy each day.”

To try Make Me Smart from Marketplace™ on your Amazon Echo, once it’s enabled, simply ask, “Alexa, make me smart” to hear what you need to know – and why it matters.

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