What Is Kindle Unlimited

Amazon offers various services but its latest offering, the Kindle Unlimited is a treat for bookworms. It is among the best ways to get access to an unlimited number of books at the cheapest possible rates. It has a catalog of a million or more eBooks, audiobooks, etc. for a monthly rental of $7.99 making it a Netflix for avid readers. The device can store up to 10 books at a time. These books can be read on any Kindle including its app and are added to the library of the customer permanently.

Cost of Subscription:

The monthly subscription for Amazon Kindle Unlimited is $9.99. There are also pre-paid subscription options for 6 months, 1 or 2 years which also costs the same as a monthly subscription. If you are not too keen on buying it without testing, there is a free trial for a month.

How Does It Work?

  • The signup process for the Amazon Kindle unlimited is easy and there is a 30-day free trial too.
  • Once you sign up for this, you will need to login to be able to access the library of Kindle.
  • You will have to enter the details of your payment card even for free trial.
  • After entering the payment details, you can browse or search for books on the search bar.
  • To look for available titles, you can go to the catalog from the ‘Departments’ menu on the home page.
  • There is a ‘Read for Free’ option along with the Buy. If you don’t find the title you are looking for, it will show you various ways to buy or list similar books. To download the book, click on the ‘Read for $0.00’ and select the device you want to read.

 Devices That Can Be Used:

Kindle Unlimited can be accessed on any device that Kindle books is supported which includes Kindle eBook, android, blackberry, iOS or Windows smartphones and tablets that have Kindle App. It can also be accessed from your desktop via cloud reader.

How Many Books Can You Keep?
You will be allowed to keep a maximum of 10 books in your account for an unlimited period of time. If you want to add more books to your library then you will have to remove some of them. When you reach the limit of 10 and you try to download, it will ask you to return a book to proceed further. With a single click of a button, you can remove a book suggested by Amazon and proceed to download or delete a different book through settings.

Is it worth it?
If you are an avid reader, it can be a great way to save some money and still continue reading. A yearly subscription of Amazon Kindle Unlimited will cost you approximately $120 at $9.99 per month. An eBook on Amazon is priced from $.99 and the best sellers cost about $7 on an average. If you read more than 15 books a year then a Kindle Unlimited subscription will be better than buying books separately.

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