Cashaa Announces Partnership with Populous World

Cashaa is proud to announce its partnership with Populous World, which includes making the Cashaa wallet available to all Populous World users.

Cashaa is a next generation banking platform using a fully legally compliant blockchain-based digital smart wallet which will enable users to store, save, spend, receive, borrow and get insured. In Q4 2017, Cashaa conducted a successful token sale, raising over $33 Million USD, out of which $14 Million got rejected due to its strict internal compliance standards, making it an outstanding example for the industry.

Populous World provides solutions to help businesses constantly grow and develop, by using advanced blockchain and big data processing technologies effectively.

Established in 2016, Populous was an idea-turned-reality when commercial data expert, Stephen Williams, envisioned a platform for invoice financing and customer acquisition via “big data”. Stephen pioneered the idea of using XBRL to data mine for prospective clients in the invoice finance-marketing sector.

The Populous World’s blockchain-based invoice discounting platform is a win-win platform for Cashaa by creating new liquidity and expanding the pool of potential clients. With a team of experienced financial and technology experts, Populous provides an alternative platform for invoice buyers to purchase invoices by matchmaking them to invoice sellers. Populous Platform Token (PPT) is a crypto asset that has been designed for the world of invoice finance. It includes an invoice and trade financial platform that is built on blockchain technology. Populous uses Pokens, which is the name for fiat currency crypto tokens that are pegged to their corresponding currency. Populous raised $10.5 million in six days in June 2017 before its official ICO had even started. With a market cap of $456.95M, Populous aims to disrupt the billing and invoice trading industry and to increase liquidity to both individuals and organizations.

“The objective of our union is to provide all Populous World users and the administrative team with a faster and cost-effective global payment method that would enable them to transfer money anywhere in the world. The Cashaa wallet a the smart blockchain digital wallet which stands out for both processing speed and transaction fees; money from the Cashaa wallet can be transferred to recipients to 210 countries, in minutes, using liquidity of the 5 Trillion USD FX market” – Kumar Gaurav, CEO Cashaa.

“We are excited to combine the power of two great blockchain companies to solve the problems of many businesses across the globe. Once users purchase the invoices using PPT, they can use the Cashaa wallet (which is powered by CAS tokens) to utilise their profit Pokens in 210 countries, within minutes. The Cashaa wallet will be available to all our users once they have gone through our KYC process. Apart from having the necessary regulatory approvals, we were also impressed by the way Cashaa completed its KYC and refunded more than 14.37 Million USD to ensure they will have no trouble in obtaining their licenses” – Stephen Williams, CEO Populous World.

Getting access to the multi-trillion dollar discounting industry, Cashaa is looking forward to a fruitful partnership which can bring millions of new customers that will use the Cashaa wallet.

Cashaa is constantly acquiring new partnerships which help the company to group and become the Next Generation Banking Platform for The Next Billion. You can also acquire CAS token to be part of the coming revolution – see the list of exchanges.

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