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Digital Therapeutics Improves Self-monitoring of Blood Glucose Adherence in India



Digital Therapeutics Improves Self-monitoring of Blood Glucose Adherence in India

Clinical data presented at the 27th Annual Congress of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinology (AACE) in Boston

Clinical data published in the latest edition of Endocrine Practice, the AACE Journal established the role of Wellthy Care, a digital therapeutic platform by Wellthy Therapeutics, in improving self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) for patients with Type II Diabetes.

As per clinical guidelines, a Type II diabetic patient should check his blood glucose daily. Studies indicate that in India the average educated diabetic patient checks blood glucose less than once a month.

The data reported from 104 patients that recorded a total of 1288 blood glucose readings (12.38 measurements per patient on average) shows how Wellthy Care can potentially help physicians and HCPs personalize care for their patients by knowing the glycaemic variability. On completion of the 16 weeks program, 56% and 50% of patients reported a reduction in their fasting blood sugar and postprandial blood sugar values respectively, with significantly more readings than average at the time of the next physician appointment.

“There is an unmet need for personalised care in between doctor visits. In emerging markets like India, SMBG still remains relatively affordable versus other blood sugar measuring diagnostic tools. Real time feedback & guidance plays a crucial role for SMBG adherence and value creation, which needs tools like chatbots and self learning logic systems like those that Wellthy Therapeutics provides for patients. Better and more data leads to personalised decision support for both the doctor and the patient, which is of utmost importance to enable the respective stakeholder to action decisions leading to better outcomes, and enables patients to unlock more value from their device,” said Abhishek Shah, Co-Founder and CEO, Wellthy Therapeutics.

Dr Rajiv Kovil, Consultant Diabetologist, commented, “It is really great to see a tool that not just stresses on the importance of SMBG, but is effectively improving the adherence of and value to patients. SMBG is an essential tool in the optimal management of diabetes, and I’m glad to see clinically validated real time responses helping patients manage their blood sugar levels better.”

Stressing on the importance of improved SMBG among people with diabetes, Dr. Banshi Saboo (MD. PhD), Chairman, Dia-Care Ahmedabad, Hon. Sec of Diabetes India said, “In-spite of the advice given by physicians to patients with Type II diabetes, compliance with SMBG in patients living in India is very low. There is a need to help, encourage and empower patients beyond the test, to enable better compliance and better glycaemic variability. Digital Therapeutics like Wellthy Care provides data that is acquired, integrated, analysed, and presented in a self-explanatory manner to patients, while highlighting important trends that require attention for physicians, and I’m glad to see such encouraging results.

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