New app provides real-time game analysis and data visualisation

Global design and technology agency Athlon has announced the launch of the Investec Test Tracker, a web-based app created for international bank Investec, sponsors of English Test cricket. Launched to coincide with the first day of the England v India Investec Test series, the Test Tracker provides real-time analysis of every aspect of every match, enabling cricket fans to gain detailed match insights about specific events as they happen.

ATHLON LAUNCHES TEST TRACKER FOR INVESTEC TEST CRICKET 1Athlon was briefed by Investec to create an innovative solution that would not only maximise Investec’s ten year sponsorship of the ECB Test cricket, but also make Investec synonymous with understanding performance and data. Athlon’s solution is an intelligent app that analyses real-time data to provide performance insights, driving relevancy between cricket and Investec, making it accessible to everyone.

Test Tracker uses live feeds from leading sports data company Opta, presenting them in a unique visual format with interactive infographics and charts that enable users to track player performance. Capitalising on the popularity of second screening, the app also works on mobile and tablet devices to provide cricket fans with insight and analysis of the matches while they watch them on TV or at the ground.

Paul Thorley, Head of Digital at Investec, commented, “Cricket and finance generate a lot of data which can be hard to visualise. Our expertise in financial data is second nature and we have brought this capability into cricket. The Investec Test Tracker generates succinct and shareable information that provides fans a real-time insight into Test cricket.”

Ranzie Anthony, Athlon’s Executive Creative Director, added, “We created Test Tracker to demonstrate Investec’s prowess in understanding performance and analytics and applied that to cricket. Given the trend towards second screen user behaviour, we aimed to enhance the experience of watching the matches, enabling viewers to make sense of what they’re seeing and how performances evolve over the whole Test series as they watch it.”

ATHLON LAUNCHES TEST TRACKER FOR INVESTEC TEST CRICKET 2Test Tracker is HTML5-based and operates seamlessly across all desktop, tablet and mobile devices irrespective of operating system. It comprises a number of key features including:

  • Scorecard – a side-by-side comparison of team performance, showing which team is pushing boundaries and who is being dismissed
  • Wagon Wheel – mapping where deliveries are being hit to provide 360 degree batting statistics
  • Match Tracker – over-by-over view on team performance and the key players who are influencing the game

It also includes player profiles, a gallery and the latest news and media, which are updated by the Investec on-site media team at the matches.

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