World’s First Esports Racing Hub Launched in London

Esports venue will act as a performance and streaming facility for pro gamers

The world’s first professional esports racing hub has been launched for esports gamers competing across multiple racing platforms.

Run by Veloce Esports, a professional gaming team and esports consultancy agency, the London venue will act as a live-streamed performance facility for racers to harness their skills and compete on the global stage.

As part of the launch, Veloce Esports has worked with Logitech G, global leader in PC gaming gear, to help maximise each driver’s potential behind the wheel with their state-of-the-art gaming technology.

Streaming equipment will be used to broadcast race sessions and hub activity from a number of different camera angles live via YouTube, Twitch and other online platforms.

The hub also features:

– Four Playseat F1/Formula rigs
– Three Playseat GT rigs
– The world’s first 200 degree field-of-view F1 motion simulator

Jean-Eric Vergne, Veloce Esports Co-Founder, said: “This is the ultimate venue for our drivers and team to engage the global audience that esports offers. The skills required to perform at the highest level in this industry are not to be underestimated. Esports is a serious business now and our athletes need the best equipment and atmosphere to keep improving as well as promote their careers through live streaming and content creation.”


Rupert Svendsen-Cook, Veloce Esports Director, said: “Esports is an industry full of first moves right now, but this really is the start of something incredibly exciting for us and esports in general. We have a dynamic team that continues to grow with every opportunity that we are presented with. In Logitech G we feel like we have a pioneering partner that will prove tremendously beneficial to the future of Veloce Esports, and help shape our next steps as an industry-leading esports organisation.”

Vincent Borel, Head of Logitech G Simulation, said: “Working with Veloce is the next step in helping everyone get Ready to Race. Our gear is for everyone and we believe there is so much talent out there that can improve through a combination of the best gear and inspiration via online tutorials, demonstrations and competitions.”

Veloce Esports works with a number of established teams and drivers, including the Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Esports team. The team will train, compete and live stream from this new hub.

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