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What does OTP mean?

What does OTP mean

Term OTP is not something which is new to us. We know that OTP stands for One Time Password, but no, this is not the only meaning that OTP has, if we go by what the slang says, then OTP is the short form of the fictional thing. Those who read a lot or watches the Sitcoms or shows may be familiar of the another meaning of OTP, but not all of us. So, we are trying to keep you people updated of all the other meaning of OTP through this article. To those who are into a fandom must know the importance of word OTP. If in case, you are not aware of it, then let me explain you that OTP is the prominent element which represent the emotions related to fandom in single word.

Meaning of the OTP

OTP stands for ‘One True Pairing’, now you might be thinking that what does One True Pairing means? So, let me tell you that this word was invented by the fandoms, in order to describe the favourite couples or couple of them. Word through suggests one, but it is not necessary that you limit yourself to the one single couple. You are free to ship multiple pairing. When it comes OTP, you are free to choose the couple of your choice, which means it is not mandatory that the couple you like is surely pairing together in a movie or are shown together in a book.

Meaning of OTP on Facebook

OTP stands for One True Pairing, which is widely used on Facebook by the users who want to show the two people, especially in the work of fiction or in the fandom, who they believe could make the extraordinary couple. Sometime a person would like to tell that who could be their OTP. There is also a possibility that a person may link up the two big names from any field, or they can also create the anecdotal character, or consider a celebrity as their One True Pairing. So, this means that OTP does not only represent the romantic relationship, but it also defines the relationship shared by the friends, brothers, or two people who just like to be around each other be it in non-romantic way or in romantic manner.

Meaning of OTP and its Benefits in terms of Banking

OTP in banking is used generally to make the online transaction, by signing in to your account. When you are doing the online transaction and once your pin as well as card details are entered, you will notice that another window will open up, this window will ask for the OTP, sent to the registered mobile number of yours. After entering the OTP your transaction will get complete.

Advantages that an OTP have in Banking are listed below:

  1. OTP generated will differ for every login. OTP that is used once, cannot be used again
  2. If someone got to know the OTP by any means, it is not going to be of any use for them
  3. OTP that is generated gets expired within certain time period, based upon the configuration of the token. If you are using the token after that set time duration, the OTP is not going to work
  4. Anyone who is using same password for various systems, can be attacked easily, if someone get to know about their password. Whereas, if someone has the OTP, he or she won’t be able to get access to the account.

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