World renowned valuations guru Prof. Aswath Damodaran returned to Dubai to speak at a 3-day conference 

Deloitte in collaboration with Amwal Advisory Corp. hosted a 3-day conference in Dubai discussing investment portfolio management and valuations with one of the world’s leading experts, Professor Aswath Damodaran.

More than 83 attendees, representing 46 companies listened to the Professor share his insights and expertise of valuation techniques and applications including:

  • Commonly used valuation techniques including the Discounted Cash Flow Model and market multiples;
  • Valuation issues relating to control and synergies;
  • Assessing future opportunities using option valuation techniques, such as patents and natural resources; and
  • Assessing risk relating to small size and illiquidity in the region.

“Your choice of valuation techniques should be based on the information available and purpose of your decision, rather than the results. In any case, different valuation techniques should provide same/similar results” emphasised Professor Damodaran.

 “The insights Professor Damodaran provided on different valuation techniques and how to avoid common pitfalls were a true privilege,” said Ben Moore, Partner, Valuations and Business Modelling, Deloitte Financial Advisory, Middle East.

“The conference was very well-attended from the GCC, with delegates from Egypt, Jordan, Syria, South Africa and Germany attending. We take pride in bringing this world class educational event to Dubai and look forward to more of these events in the future”, said Nazem Basha, Chairman and CEO of Amwal Advisory Corp.”

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