As part of its digital strategy, the new website enhances user experience and adds value to customers


 Tyco Integrated Fire & Security (Tyco IFS) has launched a new European-wide website, to showcase its wide range of services, and reinforce its solutions expertise and thought leadership in the market. As a key component to Tyco’s vision of helping customers achieve their safety, security and business goals, the website marks the first phase in providing interactive platforms to develop customer engagement and loyalty.

 Innovating in the fire and security market, the website is designed to offer users a best-in-class digital experience across all desktop and portable devices. To reflect Tyco’s commitment to emerging market trends and multi-channel marketing, the new website features the following:

  • Clean design and navigation: The new website design is the result of extensive data analysis and a thorough review of Tyco’s customer requirements, both at a local level and from a global perspective. Additionally, the layout was based on the Tyco global web guidelines to ensure global brand consistency and recognition.
  • Customer-centric approach: The website’s information architecture and content was revised and redeveloped to support the customer’s journey and provide the right content more easily. As a result, the website provides a clear overview of the solutions offered and the markets Tyco operates in, as well as additional material including educational tools and thought leadership from Tyco executives.
  • Key functionality improvements: The new website has enhanced search engine optimisation and stronger lead generation tools to drive operational efficiency for the company.  Additional features include streamlined contact options, easy access to information, dynamic grouping of related content and a stronger multimedia presence, all integrated with social media components.
  • Multi-platform/channel optimisation: Designed for a wide range of browsers, the website structure and content has been optimised to operate on all mobile devices through responsive design.
  • Career area: The website also includes a specific section where potential job candidates can view any available positions and learn more about working for Tyco through interviews and success stories with existing Tyco employees.

Jens von Ebbe, Director Marketing, Business Development and Strategy, Continental Europe at Tyco, believes the website will become a resource to new and existing customers, facilitating customer interaction and acting as a rich content hub.

“We are pleased to welcome all our customers and prospects to our new Tyco Integrated Fire & Security website. It is the result of a significant effort across our organisation, which reflects our focus on strengthening the relationships with our customers and stakeholders across all communication channels and digital devices. It is important for us to provide a platform that our customers can use to learn more about our services and easily get in touch with us, whilst supporting Tyco’s vision, spirit, growth and development as a solution selling company.”

The website’s progressive design and enhanced functionality supports Tyco’s vision, expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, reflecting the organisations consultative and tailored approach. In addition it reinforces Tyco’s evolution to an operating company and builds on its position as a leader in the fire and security market.

In the coming months the website will be adapted, translated and rolled out in all Continental Europe countries with a direct Tyco presence. With enhanced analytics in place, the progress will be tracked to further optimise the platform as needed.

The new website can be viewed here: www.tyco.eu