The Ultimate Cinematic Experience At Home

  • 63% of Brits prefer to stay at home to watch films for date night rather than go out
  •  35% have a room in the home which they class as their home cinema
  •  Top technology bought includes 4K TVs, soundbars, projectors and DVD players

DATE NIGHT at the cinema could be at risk of dying out as new research reveals Brits are using their homes to create a full media experience.

A survey of 1,021 UK adults carried out by leading household appliances retailer,, revealed that 63% of Brits prefer to stay at home to watch films for date night rather than going out.

In fact, more than 1 in 3 (35%) of respondents revealed they now have a room in the home dedicated to a home cinema experience.

More than half (57%) said that the rise of on demand services such as Netflix, YouTube, NOW TV and Amazon video are causing the increase of Brits staying in to watch films for date night.

Cost was also an important factor, as 41% said this was the reason they watch movies from home rather than going out.

A further 32% said that they don’t want to be disturbed by others as a reason for why they have opted to stay in at home to watch films with their significant other.

This was followed by more than 1 in 5 (27%) who said it is more comfortable to watch movies in their own home for date night.

Of those who have invested in the home cinema experience, 43% have purchased 4K TVs which was the most popular choice for their equipment.

Soundbars came closely behind in second place, with 31% buying them for the cinematic experience.

More than 1 in 5 (24%) revealed they have purchased a Blu-ray DVD player and 17% said they have bought speakers.

A projector (11%) rounded off the list of the top five pieces of equipment Brits buy to erect their own cinema experience.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at comments: “With the increase in demand for subscription services and the wide offering of choice, this is an exciting and easy way for Brits to enjoy films with their partner at home. Watching movies in the home means that we can relax and be comfortable, whilst also not being disturbed by any unwanted noise or conversations from others.

Kelly continued: “There is also no need to scrimp on this experience when it comes to the equipment choice, it has become more affordable than ever before to recreate a cinema experience within our homes with the likes of TVs and soundbars, so that couples can enjoy the full movie experience for date night.”

According to the survey, those aged 25 – 34 years old are the most likely to invest in home cinema equipment, with 39% doing so.

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