SRI International Launches New Venture Ambit Analytics to Improve Workplace Communications

SRI International today announced the launch of Ambit Analytics, Inc., its latest spin-off venture.

Using ground-breaking acoustic analytics technology developed at SRI, Ambit’s goal is to coach employees and help managers across an organization to master 1:1 communication skills through real-time data and insights combined with personalized coaching to drive behavior change, provide ongoing reinforcement and support.

Although communications training has long been offered in many companies, it’s often difficult to scale such programs to cover all the employees who could benefit, and only a small fraction of a workplace receives such training. Ambit aims to expand the reach of such programs through the use of advanced natural and acoustic language processing technology delivered directly to an employee’s phone and computer.

“Employees, particularly millennials, are increasingly requesting coaching and training to improve communication, a key leadership and collaboration skill; however, less than 1 percent of today’s workforce has access to an executive coach,” said Greg Lok, Ambit’s CEO and co-founder. “Ambit is here to serve employees, employers and executives to empower them with the tools necessary to be great leaders.”
The Ambit technology platform is based on ground-breaking acoustic analytics technology that uses machine learning to find key characteristics of speech that identify opportunities for employee feedback and coaching.

“If you look at what SRI is most known for, it’s about augmenting people’s abilities and improving collaboration,” said Manish Kothari, Ph.D., president, SRI Ventures. “With Ambit Analytics, we are proud to share SRI’s deep expertise and ongoing research in speech analysis to help Ambit augment and strengthen employee and team engagement across an organization.”

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