Govermedia Plus Canada Corp. Announces Full Integration of a Cryptocurrency Payment Processing Technology

GoverMedia Plus Canada Corp. (CSE: MPLS) (FWB: 48G) (WKN: A2JF6W) (“GoverMedia” or the “Company”), is pleased to announce today that its wholly owned subsidiary, GoverMedia Plus LLC has finalized the development and integration of a state of the art cryptocurrency payment processing technology within GoverMedia’s ecosystem. The processing technology is expected to be ready to market within the next few weeks.

Through this software integration, GoverMedia will offer online merchants, i.e. its target enterprise customers, the possibility to accept and process transactions in cryptocurrencies (primarily BTC and ETH) and FIAT currencies. As a transaction is processed online, the processing technology will instantaneously convert the received cryptocurrency into FIAT, mitigating the volatility risk of cryptocurrencies. Among other benefits, online merchants will receive post-transaction accounting and back office reporting statements for all cryptocurrency related payments. In terms of monetization, GoverMedia intends to offer this processing service as a Software-as-a-Service to online shops wishing to accept cryptocurrency payments on their respective website. The cryptocurrency payment technology is fully compatible with the Company’s ecosystem and requires no additional development costs. The processing can be implemented within any payment system offered by commercial banks. All activities for accepting and processing cryptocurrency payments within this offering will be in carried out in strict accordance with the existing anti-money laundering and know your client law in the Russian Federation.

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