Refrigeration experts add two new cost-effective trailers to existing fleet 

The UK’s largest provider of fridge and freezer trailers has just rolled out two exclusive high-spec models to bolster its existing fleet ahead of Christmas.

After searching the market in both Europe and beyond, the team at Coldtraila have found and acquired two of the most affordable and high-quality refrigerating trailers on the market today; the Chill-Tow and Freeze-Tow.

Ross Pushman, Managing Director of Coldtraila, said: “We’re proud to be the only supplier of the Chill-Tow and Freeze-Tow in the UK. These trailers not only have the same fridges and components as our German Humbaur models, but are also the most cost-effective of their kind.

“What’s more, they also offer better insulation than most of the other popular trailers on the UK market. This means customers will be using higher quality trailers at a lower cost.”

Both new trailers come with a galvanised steel chassis, multifunctional digital display, polyurethane panels, non-slip insulated floors, internal bulkhead lighting and two-year full warranty.

The team will be exhibiting the new trailers at The Showman’s Show in October, the UK’s original and most comprehensive exhibition of products, services and entertainment for the festival, outdoor and special event industry.

Ross added: “We’re very excited to showcase the refrigerating capabilities of the trailers at the upcoming Showman’s Show, among other exhibitions.

“With more and more of our trailers being used in the motor, shooting, funeral and wedding industries, the additions of the Chill-Tow and Freeze-Tow will allow us to meet the growing demand in these sectors.”

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