PostcardMania’s Multi-Channel Tech Investment a Hit Among SMBs; Demand Exceeds First Quarter Projections 234% and Causes Hiring Spike

Small business marketing pioneer PostcardMania, this year celebrating their 20th year in business, is pleased to announce a 234% higher-than-anticipated demand for their newest product launch, a hybrid of Facebook/Google/direct mail marketing, causing an unprecedented demand for new positions. Comparing year-over-year numbers, new hires from March to April were 47% higher this year.

The product in question, coined Everywhere Small Business™, provides SMBs with a competitively priced multi-channel marketing campaign that incorporates targeted direct mail postcards, matching Facebook and Google ads, and proprietary campaign tracking in 24/7 real time.

Yet, if you ask real business owners what this program means for them, you’ll likely receive a different (and less jargon-laden) response.

“Small business owners don’t care about proprietary software or tech buzzwords,” said PostcardMania Founder and CEO Joy Gendusa. “What they care about is efficacy and ease of use, and that’s why clients are raving and this launch has been our most successful yet. Before Everywhere Small Business™, time-strapped SMBs had to juggle all of their separate marketing efforts with different vendors and now finally it is seamlessly done for them automatically. All a business owner has to do is tell us who to target by demographic, and within 10 days, their business can be in front of that prospect in his or her mailbox, Facebook feed and on the Google network.”

Continued Gendusa, “Everywhere Small Business™ is a simple yet powerful micro-targeting program that hits on several platforms at the same time, giving any business the ability to appear everywhere. Hence the name.”

The current marketplace for multi-channel campaigns eats up either time (as SMBs coordinate campaigns themselves on several platforms) or money (as digital marketing companies normally charge thousands per month to manage each individual platform).

PostcardMania’s solution offers one cohesively managed campaign under a single point of contact — that being PostcardMania’s award-winning service team — all at a fraction of the current market rate for a similar campaign.

Campaign analysis has been similarly streamlined into a single point of access for SMBs. Performance for all campaign activity, from anticipated mail drop to Google and Facebook impressions, and recordings of all phone calls the campaign generates, can be monitored via an online dashboard 24/7 using the propriety data analysis software built by PostcardMania’s in-house development team, exclusively for Everywhere Small Business™ campaign management.

This all-inclusive, turnkey program starts affordably at $0.46 per piece and covers small businesses on all marketing channels, including real-time tracking and analysis. Higher quantities yield an even lower per-piece price.

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