Online Security threats counteracted as new Secure Communications system is launched

New security system uses patented technology to secure client-server
communications and protect against Internet communication vulnerabilities

UK-based MH Invent Ltd (MHI) has today launched three products (Hawk, Eagle and Merlin) which are designed to secure communication between services and users. The suite of products offers a radical new approach to tackling the ever-increasing threats to online security.

MHI’s Secure Communications Suite redesigns the security model incorporating simple methods that make it possible to secure communications end-to-end between users and services even across a ‘broken’ network. These solutions are device and protocol agnostic and require no certificates or tokens (but are fully compatible with legacy security infrastructure) and are designed to support any service from online banking to cloud services. The suite works by creating a secure client that creates multiple secure tunnels. This is further strengthened using MHI’s own, patented, anti-tamper and anti-cloning technology. The service supports forensic audit, location validation and network identification. Furthermore the patented image-based authentication option entirely removes the need to transmit user names or passwords. The services within the suite can be used stand alone or integrated into one family of products depending on user requirements.

MHI’s solutions are designed to protect against threats, vulnerabilities and exploits including attacks on the user (social networking scams, identity fraud, phishing), the user’s device (keylogging, man-in-the-browser/Trojans, malware, spyware) and against the network or service (man-in-the-middle, cross site scripting, brute force and denial of-service attacks).

MHI’s Chief Scientific Officer, Mike Hawkes: “The Internet was never designed with security in mind – it was designed to share information not to protect it. So organisations have had to integrate a range of solutions in an attempt to make their networks and services as secure as possible. We have taken the approach that every part of the network (or any device) is already comprised, and have therefore created a secure client server environment, which provides an easy way to implement, deploy and manage security. As companies can use our services with their existing security
solutions we are confident we can provide the necessary resilience to combat the ever-increasing risks inherent with online communications.”

MHI’s solutions are available now and demonstrations of the services are being offered to organisations requiring further information. MHI are also interested in hearing from potential partners.



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