Race to secure network infrastructures drives record Q2 results in company’s history

Netwrix, a leading provider of change and configuration auditing software has announced record results for Q2 2014, marking the best Q2 quarter in the company’s history. Revenues in the UK grew by 121% compared to the same period last year and by 90% across EMEA, reflecting continued expansion in Europe and accelerated customer acquisition – with the number of customers worldwide increasing by a third compared to the Q2 in 2013.  Revenues from Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory alone in Q2 2014 increased by 185% compared to the same period last year.

“The avalanche of threats and security breaches have shown just how vulnerable IT infrastructures are,” said Michael Fimin, CEO of Netwrix. “Security breaches such as the ones experienced by Target, eBay and many healthcare organisations have had devastating consequences. The absence of proper change and configuration auditing makes it impossible to take the whole IT infrastructure under control in order to maintain security and assure compliance. This is where the Netwrix Auditor platform makes a bold step into the future of IT auditing.”

Michael Fimin
Michael Fimin

The release of Netwrix Auditor 6.0, which includes key new features such as Enterprise overview dashboards and comprehensive SharePoint auditing, helped to drive the record growth at Netwrix.

The period also saw record participation in the company’s annual online Virtual Customer Summit and 100% satisfaction rating for Netwrix customer support.