MyFirmsApp has joined an elite group of organisations that have won the go-ahead to build Artificial Intelligence into its web, mobile and connected-device Apps using the next generation technology platform, Amazon Lex.   

The pioneering development team will use Amazon Lex, the technology that powers Amazon’s Alexa, to deliver a better and more interactive experience for accountants and their clients who use Apps built on the MyFirmsApp platform and build a more conversational user experience for connected devices in the rapidly growing segment of Internet of Things (IOT).

mobileThe pioneering development team at MyFirmsApp will be trialing Amazon Lex’s speech recognition and natural language understanding capabilities with the potential to build an entirely new generation of Apps that have human-like intelligence and can see, hear, speak, understand and interact with the world around them.  The potential to add a voice or text chat interface to create bots on mobile devices that can help with basic tasks is set to transform how accountants respond to customer requests and make them more productive.

“AI is an exciting prospect for accountants as it will make it possible to effectively add another member to the team that is available 24 X 7 to answer multiple questions and carry out simple tasks. This ‘virtual’ member of staff will help the accountant retain trusted advisor status by appearing to be available at all times,” says Joel Oliver, CEO, MyFirmsApp.

Editor in Chief: Wanda Rich

Editor in Chief: Wanda Rich

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