Monteagle Logistics Taps HighJump to Drive 3PL Success in Africa

Leading 3PL capitalizes on HighJump’s solutions and expertise of partner network to excel with the supply chain of the future

HighJump, a global provider of supply chain solutions, today announces that, in partnership with independent software developer, innovator and team augmentation partner iWMS, it has enabled leading South African third-party logistics (3PL) provider Monteagle Logistics to evolve its operations with the connected and automated supply chain of tomorrow.

This latest success exemplifies HighJump’s rapid international growth and capabilities to meet the unique needs of 3PL providers.

The industry is changing rapidly to meet consumer demands. Supply chain professionals need technologies to adapt to new business models, stressed traditional logistics systems, mobility and deconsolidating networks. Additionally, 3PLs must handle the complexity of a multi-principled business model. With the HighJump Warehouse Management System (WMS) and the expertise of iWMS, this is a reality for Monteagle Logistics.

HighJump’s unique, flexible design is proven to enhance operations for third-party logistics. Unlike other solutions, HighJump empowers users to seamlessly handle and adapt to complex, high-volume, multi-principal operations for a single location or across geographies. Furthermore, HighJump’s feature for billing management simplifies billing and revenue administration amongst multiple customers. As a result, Monteagle Logistics enhanced customer service and reduced operating costs with improved productivity, efficiency and KPI management.

“HighJump is the only provider with the solutions and expertise compatible with our 3PL business model,” said Murray Griffin, managing director, Monteagle Logistics. “We tested two other providers prior to HighJump – neither had the adaptability to adjust to our and our customers’ requirements. With HighJump and iWMS, we’re on track to meet our business goals today and have the support to drive our success even further in the future.”

“The needs of a 3PL are as vast and diverse as the array of customers it serves,” said David Houser, senior vice president, international sales and operations, HighJump. “HighJump and iWMS understand this, empowering 3PLs across the globe with the technologies and support to thrive in today’s complex landscape with the supply chain of the future.”

“We are very excited that Monteagle has chosen HighJump as their warehouse management provider and we, at iWMS, look forward to a continued association, in which both companies can grow their potential in this challenging market place,” said Richard Evans, CEO, iWMS.

In addition to South Africa, Monteagle Logistics serves customers in Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Angola, the Congo and the rest of the world. This is one of many recent success stories from HighJump and iWMS, including Jack’s of Fiji and Woolworths.

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