Lombard Risk, a Vermeg company, announces support of Resolution Planning Reporting and the latest Bank of England updates

The Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD) has been in effect for some time but this will now be accompanied by reporting obligations to both EBA and PRA.

EBA ‘Z’ templates – applicable to all current BRRD firms – and PRA MRL templates – applicable by notification from the Regulator – are both effective as at 2018 year-end and are supported in Lombard Risk’s Regulatory Reporting platform. The return templates will, of course, be supplied with all Regulator mandated validations and concomitant EBA and PRA XBRL production.

Lombard Risk experts will be ready to supply guidance and advice as to necessary data that may not have been included in a firm’s regulatory submissions to date.

Additionally, Bank of England updates due to take effect in 2019 are supported. Two new templates will be effective March 2019.

  • AS: a Securities Holdings report in accordance with Handbook of Securities Statistics;
  • FV (Financial Vehicles): for reporting on entities such as securitisation vehicles.

Moreover, changes to the existing AD (Analysis of Deposits) and AL (Analysis of Lending to UK Residents) are also being rolled out.

Andrew Kesbey, Solutions Director, Lombard Risk commented: “These developments are yet further examples of how Lombard Risk’s Regulatory update service ensures that its client community benefits from our Regulatory Strategy team’s ongoing scrutiny of the regulatory horizon. This aspect of Lombard Risk’s Regulatory Reporting offering gives both comfort and value to clients, removing the headache of monitoring, interpreting and executing regulatory change that is associated with an inhouse or manual solution”.

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