L&G to use Vizolution’s vScreen for remote advice proposition

L&G today launches Vizolution’s patented vScreen, screen sharing solution, as an integral element in its remote advice process. L&G’s remote financial consultants will use vScreen to better engage with their customers by sharing presentations, documents and illustrations in real time via secure advice sessions over the internet.

Vizolution has also developed a number of consultant calculators especially for L&G; the consultant uses these in the v-screen session helping create a more interactive experience over the phone.

One such calculator enables the consultant to graphically illustrate income and expenditure based on a customer or a couples lifestyle. The consultant can then illustrate the potential mortgage, family and income protection shortfalls specific to the household incomings and outgoings. This not only improves the customer experience but also improves the customer’s understanding of the products they are buying, why they are buying them and the need they will fulfil.

vScreen enables the consultants to discuss L&G’s protection and savings products on the client’s computer, providing a visual element to what would otherwise be a conventional call. It generates better customer engagement as the visual element enables the customer to achieve a level of understanding and confidence that they don’t usually manage on a call alone.

Jon Roderick, Business Director at L&G, says that, “We are always striving to improve the customer journey and enhance the service we provide. vScreen brings a face-to-face experience to a remote advice process, helping us to engage in a more valued way. Not only do we tell customers about our products and services, we can show them with illustrations, brochures and calculators what these products mean and can do for them. We can also save customers’ time by directing them to relevant and important information in our literature rather than relying on them to understand and interpret all of the information once received in the post.

An important factor in our deployment of vScreen was the ability to work on all computers, laptops and smart phones, irrespective of operating system or browser.

The role of technology continues to re-define the way in which people interact with companies, whether in the Financial Services sector or otherwise. We are confident v-screen will help our consultants deliver a more visual and valued experience to the customer.”

Bill Safran, CEO of Vizolution, said “This is a great example of a forward thinking company using technology to provide a better service to their customers. This places L&G at the forefront of providing remote advice to customers and sets the standard for the rest of the industry.”

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