Want to fall in love with work again in 2020? These are some key areas you need to focus on if you work in finance…

It’s only a matter of weeks until the New Year rolls in and January is always one of the busiest months for job hunting. With this in mind, the UK’s leading independent job board, CV-Library, has analysed its research studies from the past 12 months to reveal some of the key areas that finance professionals should be focussing on in 2020.

Pooling data from over 6,000 professionals across the nation, the findings identify some interesting focus areas that could help you to fall in love with work again in 2020 and beyond. This includes:

  • Fighting for the right salary: The majority (70%) of finance professionals haven’t even had a formal pay review meeting in the past year! Plus, 74% said they find it awkward talking to their employer about pay.So, brush up on this if you want to earn a good wage
  • Striking a good balance: 90% of finance professionals believe that work-life balance is important and 52.6% have left a previous job because they had a poor work-life balance. How can you improve yours in 2020?
  • Eliminating the stress:Three quarters (76.7%) of finance workers say their job makes them feel stressed. Sound similar? Speak to your employer or a medical professional
  • Looking after your mental health:Two thirds (65.6%) of the industry’s professionals claim that work is damaging their mental health and a further 54.5% state that their workplace doesn’t do enough to support employees. Think about the positive changes you can make
  • Finding a job you love:A staggering 73.8% of finance professionals like their job, however, an overwhelming 63.6% think about quitting their job every day
  • Securing the right workplace perks: One in four (44.4%) finance workers don’t receive workplace perks and benefits! Employer should be offering these to sweeten the deal, plus remember that you can negotiate on these if the pay falls short of what you were expecting
  • Prioritising your life:A staggering 52.8% of the industry’s professionals feel work is the most important thing in their life right now, with only 9.4% prioritising their social life and 11.3% their love life. What areas are you prioritising in your life right now?

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library comments: “Every year, we survey the nation’s workers to understand what makes them tick at work. These insights are extremely valuable as they enable us to provide practical advice to other professionals across the UK. If you’re keen to fall in love with your job again in 2020, these key areas might be good points to focus on as a starting point.” 

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