Kryptual Secures Top Blockchain Startups to Launch ICOs via New Crypto-Crowdfund Platform

Kryptual Consulting LTD, is excited to announce it has formally enlisted its first group of early birds who will be getting free access to their ICO-creator platform.

“Kryptual’s ability to complete the technology and security components on a company’s Token Generation Event in just a matter of minutes is a breakthrough in blockchain technology,” said Kryptual CEO, Clayton Jackson.

“So instead of a process that can take months to complete under the current landscape, companies can now focus on their core business more effectively and efficiently without having to worry about the complexities around token and crowdfunding smart contract development. Kryptual also simplifies the job with content, PR and marketing consulting.”, he goes on to say.

Kryptual is a automated wizard for blockchain based ICO-creation platform connecting business owners with investors. Kryptual provides a one stop solution for everything related to ICOs such as buying, selling, listing of tokens, in a quick and easy way.

Kryptual wanted to simplify ICO-creation, listing and raising process for business owners. Kryptual makes business owners life easy. Kryptual helps them in raising funds to grow their businesses and focus on their trade strength. The platform enables users with minimal knowledge of smart contract programming to create an enforceable, self-executing digital agreement for all types of transactions.

The cost of creation is drastically reduced to make the process affordable and accessible, and one should always remember that time is money.

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