‘Am I A Crypto Millionaire?’ launches

Hodlformoon.io launches to answer the question of our time

http://hodlformoon.io – a cult website has launched today to combine a Bitcoin price tracker with Cat memes to celebrate Crypto success. A simple, but powerful website the creator is billing it as ‘the search engine the Crypto community deserves’. People who’ve recently joined the Bitcoin bandwagon can type in how much they own and see their emotional rollercoaster ride linked to relevant memes as the price wildly fluctuates day after day.

Hodlformoon.io tracks over 100 Crypto coins from the granddaddy Bitcoin itself (explainer at https://hodlformoon.io/bitcoin/0) to so-called ‘Alt Coins’ (often dubbed ‘Sh**coins’) including Ether, Ripple, Stellar and Litecoin. Particular attention has been paid to Dogecoin – an altcoin set-up as a joke and which reflects this sites similar satirical take on Crypocurrencies.

It’s creator, who is one of the few people in the Bitcoin community to claim he’s ‘Not Satoshi’ explains: “Around the Bitcoin community a bizarre culture has risen up. Partly because some geeks bought the coin for $10 a few years ago and can now afford ‘Lambos’ or private islands thanks to the coins success. I wanted to tap into that psychology – what would you need your holdings to goto if you could achieve the same with Ether, Ripple or even Dogecoin? For those geeks who bought low this is the first site to really celebrate their millionaire status.”


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On hodlformoon.io when you hit millionaire status, disco music plays, lights flash and Cats and Unicorns appear giving those geeks who invested early their first sense of true validation https://hodlformoon.io/bitcoin/200. Launching on Easter Day 2018, the site contains hundreds of Easter Eggs around key Bitcoin numbers – such as when 10,000 Bitcoin was used to pay for 2 Pizzas – check out how much that would be worth today in live time – https://hodlformoon.io/bitcoin/10000

3 Other Cool Use Cases for an otherwise silly site

  1. Learn Crypto stories – Steve Woz had 7 Bitcoin stolen – https://hodlformoon.io/bitcoin/7
  2. Monitor Youtubers Crypto gambles – https://hodlformoon.io/cardano/15000
  3. Thought experiments – What if my 3000 EOS goes to Ether’s price in the future? https://hodlformoon.io/ethereum/3000

You can also easily bookmark or share your Crypto holdings over social media directly: https://hodlformoon.io/dogecoin/300000

Like Bitcoin itself the site has mysterious origins. On 28th March the world’s first Bitcoin Press Release was placed on Bitcoin’s Blockchain announcing the site. https://inthebitcoin.com/s/17Yn2HuZE7vJRWVuyurNKSUTZn3FUkojc3.