Blockchain Pioneers Team Up to Change How the World Finances Sustainability

ixo & Sweetbridge Alliance to work on the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Global Goals

Two of the world’s most exciting not-for-profit blockchain projects have joined forces to help the world meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

The ixo Foundation is an open-source software development organisation building a protocol that uses blockchain technology and AI to optimise how sustainable development impacts are delivered, verified and financed.

The ixo foundation has become a member of the Sweetbridge Alliance, which is a network of blockchain projects, large enterprises, small companies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations collaborating to build a new supply chain ecosystem.

Through this alliance, ixo and its open ecosystem of collaborators will build on the Sweetbridge economic protocols that provide highly innovative mechanisms to generate working capital and reduce supply chain transaction costs. Combining Sweetbridge economic protocols with ixo’s impact protocols could profoundly improve how impact capital gets formed and allocated to scale up effective projects and to incentivise positive change within supply chains.

Sweetbridge alliance members will use the ixo protocol to verify the impacts related to the supply of capital, goods and services. The ixo protocol enables anyone to deliver, verify or invest in impacts, with proof of impact. Utilizing blockchain technology and Web3 standards ixo enables the creation, verification and exchange of high definition, trusted impact data. The ixo protocol tokenizes this impact data which can then be used to create a range of impact financing mechanisms thus creating a new operating system for the Impact Economy.

This month will see the beta launch of and impact pioneers are invited to join the new world, where anyone can become the creator of their own impact project, or a stakeholder in the projects they believe in.

With future Sweetbridge integrations, ixo projects could be financed using Bridgecoin (BRC) and discount the costs of working capital. This could provide projects with low-cost loans against guarantees for outcomes contracts and invoices.

Founder and president for ixo Foundation, Dr Shaun Conway, said: “Anyone should have the opportunity to participate in the fast-growing impact economy, to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that no person gets left behind. The Sweetbridge protocol will help us provide the financing mechanisms to allow capital to be used for good.”

Mac McGary, President of Sweetbridge Alliance Network, said: “We have long supported the Triple Bottom Line approach of using data and decentralized technologies to drive better outcomes through supply chains, not just for improving financial performance and reducing costs, but ensuring sustainable environmental practices and supporting the health and welfare of all workers and society in general”.

“We believe ixo is well situated to transform how impact projects are structured, funded and executed.”

Sweetbridge and ixo have partnered to co-host a series of community meetings and workshops for practitioners to explore how impact projects and enterprise social good initiatives can be managed, funded and measured using blockchain technology.

“We are seeing a great number of influential ambassadors from leading organisations coming forward to help us spread awareness and accelerate our progress of democratising impact investing,” said Dr Conway, who discussed the project on the SweetTalk podcast.

“However, the future state of this economy is not just for major institutions. Anyone with the interest and drive can establish a project or get involved in the success of a project they support.”

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