In Recognition to Achievements More Awards Granted To JORDAN DUBAI ISLAMIC BANK

Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank (JDIB) has been awarded the “Best Islamic Bank”, “Best Innovative Retail Bank”, “Best Innovative Islamic Bank in Jordan for the year 2014” by the Global Banking and Finance Review (GBAF), one of the worlds’ leading global banking and finance online publications. It is worth mentioning that such awards are only granted to members of all sizes in the Global Financial Community whose performance reflect innovation, achievement, strategy, progressive and inspirational changes and who are prominent in particular areas of expertise and excellence within the financial world.

The “Best Islamic Bank 2014” award has come in recognition of JDIB’s efforts and progress in implementing an integrated strategic plan for the development of all its operations and sectors.These efforts have positioned JDIB among the fastest growing banks in the Jordanian market.

Being a leader in its home market and having been expanding globally in order to drive growth and sustain future profitability, the award came to celebrate excellence and proficiency in their purest form. “Best Islamic Bank” award was created based on the Bank’s best-in-class Islamic financial solutions and services and it shines a spotlight on financial performance, profitability, market share and assets. Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank also continues to innovate and strive for greater operational efficiency through enhanced risk management and technology.

The second award; “Best Innovative Retail Bank” was granted in recognition of the innovative role the Bank has played in anchoring Jordan’s drive towards a more technology-oriented banking retail solutions and products offered to respond to customers’ financial needs and requirements.

Being known for its hi-tech infrastructure, e-branches, efficient e-banking products and services and Internet banking facilities that provide access to external payment systems, JDIB was able to further enhance its image as the best client-focused bank and proved to be the fastest growing network.

As for the “Best Innovative Islamic Bank”, the awardwas granted to JDIB for implementing cutting edge Islamic banking products and services that have long formed an integral part of JDIB’s business strategy. As a result, the bank boasts one of the most complete product portfolios not just in Jordan, but in the world of Islamic banking, spanning from plain vanilla corporate financing, project finance, syndications, transactional banking, Sukuk, personal finance, investments, and a variety of other banking products and services to meet the needs of the bank’s segmented client base both in corporate and personal banking.

This long standing focus on product innovation and portfolio expansion forms part of JDIB’s mission to be seen as a customer centric institution by those in the industry and the wider banking public.

Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank, however, is a premier Jordan-based financial institution that was established in 2010, with a vision of providing a practical Sharia compliant alternative to financial needs of customers being met through conventional banking. The driving philosophy behind the services that JDIB offers is the overall development of society and fuelling the growth of local and regional economies through Halal Means that are in direct compliance with the tenets embodied in Sharia principles.

Since its inception, Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank has been the one that continues most determinedly to break new ground in ensuring that its practices and decision-making are transparent and clearly communicated. Combining the best of traditional Islamic values with cutting edge technology and innovation, JDIB delivers high quality personalized services to cater to client’s needs – a philosophy that is embodied in the bank’s slogan “Solid Principles, Innovative Solutions”.

It is worth mentioning that JDIB is the first Islamic Bank to utilize the innovative services including the Queuing System and Fawateer Online along with the recently introduced award winning products; such as:

  • Safwa: The first of its kind service from an Islamic Bank created for JDIB’s elite and affluent customers, offering them banking services within the framework of privacy, perfection and respect.
  • Kanzy: The first kids’ account from an Islamic bank that teaches the child the value of saving to build a good early foundation of smart money management. JDIB provides the best options and the most benefits for kids and family finances.
  • Treasury & Investment Services: The Bank provides current and potential clients with state-of-the-art Sharia compliant financing, risk management solutions and investment products that include FX Spot, FX Islamic Forward Based on Promise Contracts, Profit Rate Swap, and other FX, MM and Hedging Structured Products.
  • Corporate Banking Services: The Bank’s corporate services are customized to understand our business clients’ demands and meet their complexities. The services include innovative financial solutions covering corporate finance, investment banking, project finance, trade and commodity finance, capital and debt market products, treasury and corporate banking, international banking services, and securities – all under the umbrella of Sharia compliant Islamic banking structures.

JDIB’s latest awards follow a number of other awards that the bank has recently received including the ISO 9001:2008 Certification, Best Islamic Bank in 2013, PCI-DSS Certificate for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. In short, JDIB has proved capability in providing solid leadership in the Islamic banking sector in particular and in the banking industry in general.

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