There’s more to being an Islamic bank than offering Sharia’-compliant products, it is more of combining innovation with performance, modernity with diversity while remaining true to the Islamic values and principles.


From strength to strength, Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank proudly commenced the year 2016 with a well-deserved triple achievement picking up three awards by Global Banking & Finance Review Awards 2016; Best Islamic Bank Jordan 2016, Best CSR Islamic Bank Jordan 2016, and Best Islamic Banking CEO Jordan 2016. Honored to receive the three awards, Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank is further reinforcing its leading position on the local Islamic banking arena.

Yet in spite of all the current economic and political challenges, this year’s awards reveal the plethora of innovative Islamic products and services that Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank has brought to the market over the past years. It is noteworthy to state that Sharia’-compliant finance remains one of the fastest-growing areas worldwide, with a vast array of different Islamic financial products delivering, in today’s environment, where there is much to react to, proactive solutions for clients’ critical needs and opportunities.

Customer-centric performance; a vision defined by JDIB, continues to be at the forefront of its daily routine. The continuous commitment to providing best-in-class products and the dedication to satisfying clients’ increasingly refined needs in accordance with the rules of Islamic finance make it the best choice of an Islamic bank and a partner for life.

Moreover, under the leadership of Mr. Sami Al-Afaghani, Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank has been able to carve out a unique position in the local Islamic banking; it remains a leading bank with all means of a successful institution. Its management arm and team of qualified employees gives it stability and strength.

Agility and collaboration, together with innovation will always be JDIB’s key to capitalizing on new opportunities for growth. As the dividing line between Islamic finance and technology is becoming more blurred than ever, tradition and innovation blend together to introduce the perfect formula of a leading Islamic Bank in Jordan. 

About Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank

Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank is a fully integrated Islamic bank combining solid Islamic values with modern technology and innovation that characterize the best of modern banking. Our focus at Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank is on the needs of each of our customers. We are a customer-centric organization with close personal service and understanding forming the base of each of our client relationships.

Vision: Leading Islamic banking to serve all spectrums of the society.

Mission: To provide distinctive and innovative services emanating from the divine principles of Islam to build lasting and solid partnerships and to maximize benefits to all stakeholders.

Innovation – Knowledge – Quality – Value – World Class Service

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