Greentree supplies Adcock with operational intelligence, for real-time decision making to improve profitability, customer responsiveness and cash flow.

Adcock Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is one of the fastest growing suppliers of climate control systems in the UK. It is using Greentree ERP software to provide operational intelligence, to help the company achieve its goal of growing turnover from £32 million to £50 million.

Adcock’s twelve branches are trusted by some of the UK’s biggest brands, who demand 24/7 customer care. Its climate control systems are essential for the protection of high value items such as the Crown Jewels and millions of pounds of life-saving medicines. Adcock needed a software provider which could reliably and seamlessly facilitate its mission-critical service to clients, with no margin for error.

Customer responsiveness around the clock

“Since taking on Greentree we’ve been able to drastically improve customer responsiveness and operational visibility across the business,” says Kevin Newman, Finance and Administration Director of Adcock. “From the planning dashboard, through to delivering the call to the engineer, to getting the information back from the engineer to automatically producing an invoice, we’re now able to minimise the length of time it takes to turn around work and deliver excellent service to the client. We can respond rapidly to clients any time – day or night.”

Real-time visibility of operations

Greentree is able to deliver real time operational intelligence to all of Adcock’s staff and management.  Not only does it provide complete visibility across each branch or departmental operation, but it has automated a wide variety of previously manual tasks throughout the organisation.

“Greentree software provides us with dynamic data, so we can track and send invoices, sometimes before our engineer has even left the client site. Not only has this improved back-office operations but also efficiency in the field. Engineers receive jobs via email on their mobile, and customer data is analysed, providing a view of the site and its maintenance history to better equip engineers to meet customer demands and complete jobs on a first-time fix basis,” continues Newman.

Job costing to maintain margins

“Job costing is a crucial element for us, enabling us to analyse job profitability as the work progresses so we can make prompt decisions. We don’t wait until quarter end to assess sales patterns – we can react much more quickly. It’s one of the reasons we can maintain our margins and leadership in the marketplace,” explains Newman.

“We’re delighted to be working with a traditional family-business like Adcock to help them in their next phase of growth,” says Harry Mowat, UK MD at Greentree. “We rolled out the solution across all ten branches on the same day, and we continue to work closely with our partner to deliver a fully integrated solution for Adcock that can constantly adapt to keep it one-step-ahead of the competition.”

“Greentree is now an integral part of our business – running like blood through the veins of the company,” concludes Kevin Newman. “Greentree has the flexibility to allow us to open another branch and integrate that seamlessly…For us picking the right software provider was crucial for our plans to expand and grow.”