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Manpower Group UK implements new onboarding journey with HR Tech Start-up Talmundo



ManpowerGroup UK implements new onboarding journeywith HR Tech Start-up Talmundo

Talmundo, the innovative HR Tech company, has today announced its collaboration with ManpowerGroup UK, the leading provider of workforce solutions, to manage and develop newly recruited staff hires. The news comes on the heels of Talmundo’s expansion in the UK and the recent appointment of Reya El Thaalabi, their Country Sales Manager for the UK market.

ManpowerGroup UK has chosen Talmundo’s services to make the company’s employee onboarding journey faster and easier while also minimizing the time-consuming paperwork involved in the hiring process.

With over 30,000 employees in their market, ManpowerGroup UK expects to use the onboarding solution to hire more than 300 new staff across the Group within the first year of their collaboration alone. Talmundo’s onboarding software will be integrated into the company’s own applicant tracking system to ensure a seamless new hire experience from potential candidate through to employee.

Both companies understand the importance of developing a socially inclusive and diverse work environment for the long term. In light of this, Talmundo has tailored its onboarding solution in a way that meets this need by making the experience more engaging and personal, while still ensuring that the administrative tasks are accounted for.

‘’Being a business of multiple brands, it can be difficult to ensure that we share the group-wide vision whilst also individual brand focus with our new employees. By bringing the Talmundo product into our onboarding process, we can ensure that every new starter receives a consistent experience and message complemented by the personal touch that means so much to us,’’ says Georgina Huntley, Head of Employee Development at ManpowerGroup UK.

Further speaking about the benefits of incorporating Talmundo’s onboarding system into the hiring process, she added: ‘’Talmundo is enabling us to welcome individuals to our ethos of continuous development whilst giving us the tech to share the culture of our united Manpower Group brand.’’

Talmundo founder and CEO Stijn De Groef, adds: “Through implementing an innovative and engaging hiring process, Talmundo’s onboarding system has shown to add value to companies by significantly increasing their employee retention and productivity rates. The new employee is put at the centre of everything we do, making the software very effective and intuitive.’’

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