Leading Scottish advisory and restructuring practice French Duncan LLP has selected Encompass, the visual information management solution, to empower its team of specialists with high speed access to comprehensive case information.

Advising small, medium and large businesses facing financial or strategic challenges at various stages of their business lifecycle, the team includes a number of case managers and analysts who will utilise Encompass to accelerate traditionally tedious and time consuming manual processes.

“French Duncan are a firm known for keeping pace with best practice business process,” said Roger Carson, Encompass cofounder and global head of sales. “Adopting Encompass is an example of the firm using technology to respond to a changing business environment. ”

“Having established the Glasgow office earlier this year, we are delighted to have a Scottish firm among our first customers in the UK whom we can work closely with to continue to tailor the solution for the Scottish context and Scottish data.” Carson added.

French Duncan will have Encompass trained users in their offices throughout Scotland, including the Glasgow and Edinburgh practices.  The Business Recovery team will use it to conduct case research as well as carry out due diligence.

“Streamlining administrative steps in our existing asset tracing process frees up the team to focus on higher value advice and client outcomes,” observes Eileen Blackburn, Partner & Head of Business Recovery. “In an increasingly competitive marketplace French Duncan believes any improvements to the efficiency of insolvency case investigations helps build business advantage.”

David McGinness, Senior Manager Business Recovery adds “We very quickly realised the value of Encompass for French Duncan. The software will help the firm speed up due diligence such as conflict checking processes at the beginning of a matter, as well as enabling a faster understanding of company structures, asset values and asset ownership.”

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