Encompass was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2011 by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, headed up by Roger Carson (now Global Sales Director) and Wayne Johnson (CEO), with a track record of international success in developing and distributing innovative technologies to the corporate sector.

The initial focus was predictive analytics solutions, deploying sophisticated mathematical models to make informed decisions. As an agile start-up business, Encompass Corporation was in a position to capitalise on the early positive response from customers when they coupled predictive analytics with visualisation to allow rapid pinpointing of potential commercial risk. This led to the targeting/customisation of their solution to consolidate, review and manage corporate, credit, personal and property information and resulted in Encompass.

LogoToday Encompass Corporation’s vision is to ensure clients maintain a competitive edge, by providing a visual information management solution that helps them increase operational efficiencies and differentiate their service.

The Encompass solution brings together information from disparate data sources and provides a single view of the information gathered from those sources. More importantly, Encompass transforms the information into easily understandable, digestible information. It has the ability to overlay data from disparate sources and thereby show relationships between people, organisations and property instantly – connections that could have otherwise been missed, resulting in potentially costly decisions.

Encompass recently announced that its visual information management technology is on general availability release across the UK. The company enters the UK insolvency and restructuring sector following extensive research and referrals from Australian customers to their UK counterparts.

The UK launch of Encompass follows a period spent developing close relationships with prospective information provider partners and organising beta testing and solution prototyping with a pre-release group of insolvency practitioners.

Further strengthening its position in the UK, Encompass has developed a close partnership with R3, the leading trade body for insolvency professionals, business recovery and turnaround specialists in the UK. As a Key Sponsorship Partner, Encompass will present at a series of R3 technical meetings across the UK as well as the annual conference.

Moving forward, Encompass is ideally positioned to enable hard-pressed insolvency practices operating in the UK insolvency market to be more effective when it comes to business development and more efficient with the work they do win, and therefore ultimately be more competitive and profitable overall.

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