Foregenix, forerunners in information security, has certified 88% of the world’s Point-to-Point-Encryption (P2PE) applications and half of P2PE solutions since the introduction of the standard by the PCI SSC in 2013; affirming their position as a leader in payment security.

Having recently supported VeriFone through the certification of its Payments as a Service (PaaS) platform for the UK market, PAYware Ocius, Foregenix has ensured that cardholder data remains secure across the retailer’s POS terminals, networks and systems.

ForegenixAs the first assessor in the world to be accredited by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), Foregenix has established themselves at the forefront of PCI P2PE Standard following their dedication to innovate card present transactions.

Talking about the importance of P2PE, Foregenix’s CEO, Andrew Henwood, said:

“P2PE is crucial for merchants in today’s retail landscape. It encrypts cardholder data collected at the point of sale and keeps it encrypted until it is safely inside the Solution Provider’s environment. This means that data remains secure across the retailer’s POS terminals, networks and systems.

“Doing so, significantly reduces the scope of PCI compliance, makes security management much more straightforward and cost effective for merchants to maintain, whilst delivering a greater protection of cardholder data, therefore protecting the brand and reputation of a merchant.”

With some of the most experienced and skilled P2PE QSA consultants globally, Foregenix has achieved this by working in close partnership with each of the solution providers to guide them through the P2PE standard, resulting in some of the most exciting and innovative technology in the world of payments.

Being involved with PCI Standards since their inception has enabled the Foregenix team to stay ahead of the curve and assist companies of all sizes in reducing their risk of data compromise. This detailed knowledge and experience ensures that Foregenix clients receive the best possible guidance available in the industry.

Dedicated to innovation and progression within the information security sector, Foregenix is continuing to champion P2PE as a solution to help negate and simplify many of the issues card present merchants face.

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