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CryptoCurve Launches as the Front-End of Wanchain



CryptoCurve Launches as the Front-End of Wanchain

The company is building consumer-focused applications and services that will serve as the front-end for the next generation of blockchain platforms 

NEW YORKCryptoCurve, a new consumer facing technology platform for the next generation of blockchain technology, has announced that they will serve as the 'Front-End' of the Wanchain blockchain ecosystem, acting as the interface for user adoption via a wallet and other features.

"We are extremely excited to be announced as the 'Front-End' and essentially the consumer interface for Wanchain, one of the most exciting and innovative new blockchain technology platforms," said Josh Halferty, CEO of CryptoCurve. "We set out to build a better way for consumers and developers to interact with a new and better generation of blockchain technology and it's a testament to our incredible team that we already have such a strong roadmap ahead of us."

Currently, the market for digital wallets is highly fragmented, with a variety of different options to choose from. Due to the current lack of interoperability between blockchains, an environment has been created where it is necessary for users and investors with multiple digital assets to have several different wallets to store them.

This leads to inefficient asset management and increased risk of losing the litany of passwords, secret phrases, and private keys associated with these wallets.  Furthermore, the cryptocurrency industry is highly dependent on centralized exchanges to provide liquidity and act as the gateways for fiat to crypto conversions.

CryptoCurve intends to provide an all-encompassing solution to these problems by creating a user-friendly platform that will act as the consumer interface for a new generation of blockchain platforms and will bring unprecedented functionality and security, both of which are desperately needed in the space. CryptoCurve is focused on advancing blockchain technology globally via ease-of-use for the greater good, allowing product compatibility and integration across different technologies and systems. CryptoCurve empowers the "3 Pillars of Mass Adoption": the Investor; the Developer; and Emerging Companies, to interact with all digital assets seamlessly, lowering barriers to entry within blockchain. CryptoCurve provides solutions that function as an integration point between users, third-party technologies, and foundational technology. Through CryptoCurve's first product — Curve Wallet: Browser to Blockchain — they strive to positively impact global democratization and financial fairness by removing complexity and confusion.

The company, which was part of the inaugural class of the newly launched WANLab incubator and accelerator program, has been announced as the 'Front-End of the Wanchain' platform – which aspires to deliver the new distributed financial infrastructure for consortium blockchains offering financial services and products in the new digital economy. With a fully interoperable blockchain predicated on a seamless, universal cross-chain protocol, the Wanchain infrastructure can enable both intra-chain and cross chain transactions.

With CryptoCurve operating as the 'Front-End' of Wanchain, any cryptocurrencies registered and compatible with Wanchain will be available for decentralized and liquid exchange and transfer through the Curve Wallet. CryptoCurve users will be able to invest directly in ICOs on Wanchain directly through the application, stake CURV tokens for airdrops, and create or join ICO pools seamlessly.

The goal of CryptoCurve is to drive user adoption by acting as a consumer friendly front-end for next generation crypto projects, starting with Wanchain, while developing the best-in-class underlying technology.  The company looks to develop an entire ecosystem of applications that bridge the gap between the consumer world and all of the incredible advantages blockchain technology has to offer.

To learn more about CryptoCurve visit:

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