•          CitNOW delivers its ten millionth personalised video to a car buyer in the UK
  •          Franchised retailer Inchcape Volkswagen Macclesfield is the ten millionth video sender
  •          5.25 million CitNOW videos delivered globally in 2016
  •          Number of videos recorded increases by 64% YTD

VW dealerCitNOW, the leading automotive video expert, reached a major milestone in its history as it uploaded the ten millionth video to its global video system.

The ten millionth video was a courtesy follow up from Inchcape Volkswagen Macclesfield, a franchised retailer in Cheshire, to a customer who had recently purchased a vehicle. The video was uploaded by sales executive Adam Derbyshire just before 6pm on December 12.

The video was one of 5.25 million CitNOW videos uploaded globally in 2016. By comparison, 3.2 million CitNOW videos were sent in 2015, demonstrating a significant growth with a 64% increase of video uploads over the year.

The ten millionth CitNOW video reflects the on-going transformation of the vehicle buying and selling process, as the more personalised approach of video communication resonates with consumers and automotive industry professionals alike.

As 2016 draws to a close, CitNOW video has 5,000 installations in 3,000+ dealerships across the globe and partnerships have been established with 31 OEMs.

Alistair Horsburgh, CEO at CitNOW commented: “The ten millionth CitNOW video is a real significant point in our history. Eight years on from the idea that sparked a new way of buying and selling vehicles, 10 million video communications have been delivered all over the world.

“In 2017, we will continue to expand our global reach as the vehicle buying and selling experience transforms and industry professionals and customers alike embrace the benefits of video.”

To watch the ten millionth CitNOW video, visit:

Earlier in 2016, CitNOW released a full White Paper on the future of the automotive industry, and made the prediction that the car buying and selling process would be entirely by video by 2020. The White Paper can be downloaded at:

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