BioUrja and BBH Capital Partners Launch Joint Venture, Rivercrest Logistics Partners, to Acquire Strategic Logistics and Infrastructure Assets

The BioUrja Group (“BioUrja”) of Houston, TX and BBH Capital Partners (“BBHCP”) have formed a joint venture, Rivercrest Logistics Partners, LLC (“Rivercrest”), to acquire, own, and operate infrastructure and logistics assets. The platform will primarily target assets related to energy-centric and agriculture-centric commodities, but may also include those related to other commodities that are strategic to and synergistic with the platform.

The investment partnership was created to leverage the respective strengths of the partners: BBHCP is the private equity arm of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., an owner-operated partnership founded in 1818 with over 6,000 employees across 18 global offices.

Throughout its 200-year history, the Firm has maintained a well-established track record of advising, lending to, and investing in companies that produce, transport, and trade physical commodities. BioUrja is a leading commodities trading company and logistics asset owner-operator, with annual revenues averaging over $3 billion, and multiple offices across the globe.

Amit Bhandari, Chairman and CEO of BioUrja, stated, “Together, the partners bring substantial capital, strong relationships across the commodities sector worldwide, deep operational and commercial expertise, and a powerful track record of successful investments and acquisitions.” Brad Langer, Managing Director and Co-Manager of BBHCP, added, “We are extremely excited about having Rivercrest as a new platform for strategic investments and acquisitions. BioUrja and BBHCP are like-minded partners that have had a close working relationship ‎for many years. The opportunity to formally join forces to build a strategic infrastructure and logistics platform which leverages our respective relationships and knowledge base across the commodities sector is very attractive to BBHCP.”

Rivercrest will initially seek assets for acquisition with an enterprise value of approximately $15 to $50 million, although larger acquisitions and partnerships will be considered based on their strategic fit with the platform. Rivercrest will be jointly managed by BioUrja and BBHCP senior executives. The team will be seeking opportunities across the United States, with select international opportunities also being considered.