Addition of centralised operations planning solution provider widens AOMi product range, strengthens management team and broadens market reach

Active Operations Management International (AOMi) has agreed to acquire RedOwl Technology Ltd in an all shares-based transaction, as part of its ongoing strategy to increase growth and become recognised as the defining software and method for workforce optimisation.

RedOwl adds a centralised planning and optimisation software capability to the AOMi solutions portfolio, complementing the AOMi method of empowering team leaders with local plans and local control. The combined offering will be the most complete on the market, giving existing RedOwl and AOMi customers access to new tools and capabilities.

RedOwl’s strong track record in utilities and field services will also open opportunities for AOMi in new markets, bolstering its existing success amongst business process outsourcing (BPO) and financial services businesses.

“RedOwl’s software is backed by sound methodologies that are complementary to AOMi’s best-in-class workforce optimisation solutions,” said AOMi founder and Chief Knowledge Officer, Neil Bentley. “The combination of these two leading specialists creates a unique capability spanning a whole range of management levels, from C-level directors to team leadership, all from a single supplier.”

RedOwl founder and CEO Julian Harper joins the AOMi management team as Chief Commercial Officer. All of the current RedOwl team, including its Limerick Ireland Development Group, will now become part of the newly expanded AOMi group.

“RedOwl has pioneered solutions for the rapidly emerging workforce optimisation market,” said Harper.

“Joining forces with like-minded people at AOMi – the leading player in this space – will enable us to meet growing demand for longer-term, complete operational planning and optimisation solutions on a global basis, while our customers will benefit from AOMi’s great experience and capability in operations control.”

This latest acquisition of RedOwl by AOMi follows the recent high-profile announcement that AOMi has raised £5m of new capital led by private equity fund manager Calculus Capital and bolstered its executive team with the addition of two heavyweight board members, John O’Connell and Sean Finnan.

“The combination of RedOwl and Workware™ provides a unique solution, bridging the bottom up short term tactical approach with the longer term top-down planning capability. With recent investment, the appointment of a strong board and the acquisition of RedOwl, AOMi are building a quality team to expand their global reach in workforce optimisation solutions” said AOMi Chairman, John O’Connell.