• TV campaign sponsoring Dave’s motoring content for car maintenance and ownership specialist
  • Bumper ads will showcase MotorEasy’s range of car ownership products
Duncan McClure Fisher
Duncan McClure Fisher

Car maintenance and ownership start-up, MotorEasy, has launched a TV campaign with UKTV-owned entertainment channel, Dave.

MotorEasy is sponsoring Dave’s motoring content, including Driving Wars, Red Bull Soapbox Racing and Top Gear, which is one of the highest-rating shows on the channel.

A series of advertisements showcasing MotorEasy’s warranty, MOT & servicing, GAP insurance and repair products, are appearing on either side of Dave’s motoring-based shows.

The campaign will run for two months as MotorEasy continues to gain traction as the destination for hassle-free motoring and car ownership.

MotorEasy was established at the end of last year, with the aim of providing motorists with a one-stop shop to manage the upkeep of their vehicles.

As well as providing warranty and breakdown cover, MotorEasy provides customers with their own personal technician, who can manage service, MOT and repair procedures and negotiate with garages on the customer’s behalf to ensure they get the best prices possible.

For more information about MotorEasy, visit:

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