Pioneering endeavour with VST Enterprises will raise funds towards ocean clean-up campaign

Artist Christian David Moore has today announced an exciting partnership with VST Enterprises, which will see VCode® technology incorporated onto his ‘Milestones’ collection of prints. The technology provides authentication and enables greater interaction with his works, profits from which will go towards a major campaign to clear oceanic islands of plastic waste.

Each of the Milestones Collection prints contain a VCode, as shown in the image above. When a user scans the VCode with the VCode app on their Android or Apple device, they are presented with information on Christian, the print – including a digital certificate of authenticity – and details on the ocean clean-up campaign. Through the VCode app, users will also be able to purchase prints from the collection.

This unique collaboration between VST Enterprises and Christian brings his art to life and has the capacity to be a game-changer in the world of art and media.

Louis-James Davis, CEO of VST Enterprises, comments: “We’re proud to join forces with Christian. He’s much more than an artist, he’s a passionate creative who has pushed boundaries to have the first authenticated prints collection.

“Together, we can raise awareness and much-needed funding to help clear the ocean of ruinous waste, which is causing great damage to our environment.”

Louis, who was recently appointed ambassador for children’s cancer research charity, Kidscan, founded his internationally-recognised business with an aim to reflect his values as a global humanitarian.

The company is rolling out the next generation of code scanning technology over the coming months across a range of sectors. From scannable donations and instant purchases through to assisting the fight against counterfeiting and unethical production methods, its possibilities are truly infinite.

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Editor in Chief: Wanda Rich

Editor in Chief: Wanda Rich

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