The ultimate interactive tablet application – EPG & Touch RCU – to manage remotely the Frog STB integrated off the shelf for all member companies of Frog By Wyplay’s open source initiative.

wiztivi interactive tablet application
wiztivi interactive tablet application

Wyplay and WIZTIVI announced the availability of WIZTIVI Interactive Tablet Application solution in the Frog by Wyplay Marketplace.

Frog by Wyplay is the first independent open source software solution for pay-TV operators. This comprehensive solution includes all the components to build operators’ products with access to the complete source code. The initiative brings together a growing ecosystem of more than 35 companies across the entire digital TV technology value chain: chipset vendors, device manufacturers, independent software vendors, software services providers and operators.

Within this ecosystem, Frog introduces a Marketplace of 3rd-party solutions complementary to and pre-integrated with Wyplay’s technology; readily accessible to all members of the Frog community, with technical assets and documentation accessible through the frogbywyplay.com private portal.

The role of a Marketplace Partner in the Frog ecosystem is to provide complementary products and solutions, pre-integrated into the Frog by Wyplay middleware, so that operators can benefit from a range of “a la carte” features to meet their specific needs. WIZTIVI has a proven competence and deployed solutions to help operators to design their STB and Tablet applications user experience.

“WIZTIVI’s solution improves the end-user TV experience by delivering an improved Tablet application running on iOS and Android to remotely manage the Frog STB” said Wyplay CMO Dominique Feral. “WIZTIVI’s product is complementary to our Frog middleware and thanks to our Marketplace; it is now available to all members of the Frog community with reduced time to market.”


“The Frog by Wyplay Marketplace represents a unique and original business opportunity in a fast growing and changing industry “said WIZTIVI CMO Christophe Sonzogni.”Proposing a solution toward an open and collaborative model represents an important lever to enrich the offer. We are proud to be one of the first Frog by Wyplay Marketplace Partners.”

Frog By Wyplay is officially launched at the CES Las Vegas tradeshow in January 2014.

The source code and documentation are available at www.FrogByWyplay.com

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