Webgility Unify Now Available on the Amazon Marketplace Appstore

Leading multichannel ecommerce management software joins Amazon Marketplace Developer Council to optimize experience for businesses that sell on Amazon

Webgility, the leader in multichannel ecommerce management software for high-volume sellers, has been chosen to participate in the newly formed Amazon Marketplace Developer Council.

Webgility and members of the Amazon Marketplace Developer Council have a unique perspective and understanding of the small and medium-sized businesses that sell on Amazon. Through the Marketplace Developer Council, Webgility will share valuable insights and feedback to help shape the roadmap and priorities for Marketplace Web Service APIs and associated tools.

“We’ve been helping Amazon sellers since 2009, so we’re honored to be part of their new Marketplace Developer Council,” said Parag Mamnani, Founder and CEO, Webgility. “Selling on Amazon can quickly get complicated as volume grows, so having the right set of tools is key to growing revenue and positive customer reviews.”

Webgility makes leading ecommerce management software for small and medium-sized companies. Webgility Unify software helps businesses that sell on Amazon—and on other sales channels—to automate sales data and sync it throughout all business systems.

Webgility Unify Desktop is now available on the Amazon Marketplace Appstore to Streamline order management, accounting, inventory, shipping, and fulfillment Provide business analytics on expenses, fees, revenue, inventory, and customers Empower sellers to increase efficiencies and improve profitability Webgility Unify Online is now available on the Amazon Marketplace Appstore to Automate Amazon accounting with QuickBooks or Xero Provide reports and business insights on customers, channels, products, and orders
Empower sellers to improve margins with better insights into their data

In February 2018, Webgility launched its 1-Click Accounting feature, designed to make it fast and easy for sellers to post their Amazon Settlement report—including orders, refunds, expenses, and fees—into QuickBooks or Xero. With Webgility 1-Click Accounting, Amazon sellers can now see a complete list of orders from the current settlement period, whether they received payment from Amazon, and exactly what they’ve been charged in fees and expenses. With this feature, a seller’s accounting is automatically reconciled on a daily basis.

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