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VYKE As Unveils $3m Plan To Target Business Customers

Activity to address companies neglected by lack of mVoiP solution

Vyke AS, a leading developer of low cost calling apps, has announced it is to spend $3m over the next 2 years to target business customers neglected by a lack of mobile Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (mVoIP) solutions designed for business use.

The company's VykeBusiness brand, launched in March 2014, has plans to release a reseller proposition this summer to further expand adoption of its products across key markets such as UK, Europe, Australia and the United States.

Mark Egginton, Sales & Marketing Director at VykeBusiness, said: "Our market intelligence tells us that businesses aren't being offered cost-effective international phone solutions. We have addressed this need and will continue to develop unique solutions that connect businesses at very low rates without any hidden costs."

VYKE As Unveils $3m Plan To Target Business Customers

VYKE As Unveils $3m Plan To Target Business Customers

The current VykeBusiness app works by connecting users via VoIP over Wi-Fi or free minutes often underused in corporate mobile phone contracts. It comes with no commitment and no monthly contract, offering businesses reliability and great value.

The app is unique as there are no other current mobile VoiP solutions designed specifically for business use that allow easy web based administration with near real-time call viability, business specific calling circles and innovative productivity features such as the Colleague Directory. The company has addressed this market need and will continue to develop further solutions in the future.

Once a company signs up for VykeBusiness, the systems administrator, or office manager, has access to Business Manager, where they can add employees to the service. Once an employee's details are added (phone number, email address, name and title) they receive a text with their login credentials and a link to download the application. Users can then use the app's Colleagues Directory, to call each other free of charge if both parties are connected to the internet or call any other global landline or mobile at VykeBusiness's very low call rates.

The administrator can establish default connection settings at a company-wide, or individual, basis. The finance office can run analytics to see how much is being spent on calls, and where. This can help pinpoint anomalies and may prompt credit limits to be set for each user, to help prevent bill shock.

The VykeBusiness app home screen can also be personalised with the company's own banner message, logo or newsfeed.

VykeBusiness customer Lee Ali, Managing Director of leading global tradeshow staffing and performance agency Expo Stars, said: "The VykeBusiness app is very reliable, easy-to-use and most importantly is cost-effective for international calls. One of the app's key strengths is its ability to synch with my phone and colleagues contacts, allowing me to access hundreds of numbers in a split second. The fact that my staff can communicate with each other for free is a bonus. The VykeBusiness solution is perfect for SME customers who want a mobile, low cost and simple international calling solution designed for the needs of their business."

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